ITAHYDRAULIC as indicated by its acronym means International Trade Automation, established in 2010, ITAHYDRAULIC LLC.. Specializes in hydraulic & pneumatic, producing and marketing,  directional valve, flow control, pressure control, gear pumps, vane pumps, piston pumps, hydraulic motors, Heat-exchangers hydraulics, hydraulic power units,  filters, hydraulic cylinders as well as hydraulic systems. We provide reliable quality products and professional customized service to many Enterprises and win satisfaction and praise from many enterprises.

ITAHYDRAULIC products have been widely used in mining machines, log splitters, packing machinery, printing machinery, food machinery, Textile machinery, Plastics machinery, Automatic industry, Oil industry, etc.

Utilizing a number of sophisticated manufacturing equipments and operating state of the art inspecting devices, Itahydraulic  has set up an advanced quality management system ISO9000.

We hold the enterprise belief of present quality, future market, and will keep serving our customers with quality products, fast delivery as well as considerate service.

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